Temperature & Humidity Test Chambers

Temperature humidity test chambers are also known as climate test chambers. These chambers can replicate the effects that a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions can have on particular material or product. Some areas where these chambers are applied include photovoltaic solar panels, telecommunications equipment, and others. These are widespread in industrial applications and things exposed to sunlight and humidity for a prolonged period. Heatcon manufactures a wide range of temperature humidity test chambers.

The test chambers are deployed across different industries. These are industries that include semiconductors, food science, and military quality assurance. Hence, these chambers have a crucial role in determining whether a particular product is suitable for usage in any field. Customers can choose the size of the chamber depending upon their requirements. Such a test chamber can be used when a certain type of climate conditions is required for testing a product.

Heatcon produces a diverse range of premium quality temperature humidity test chambers. The various environmental and testing parameters employed helped to gauge the extent to which a product can withstand heat, humidity, or even frigid conditions. Therefore, the temperature range is quite extensive.


This series of aging test chamber is suitable for the reliability test of industrial products. It has the characteristics of temperature control precision and wide control range. The performance conforms to the criteria GB5170.1.2.5-2017 "High-temperature test equipment for basic parameters verification method of environmental test equipment for electric and electronic products.

Environmental Temperature and Humidity Chamber

Standard accessories: Sight window*1, cable port(portΦ50mm)*1, shelves*2, chamber lamp*1, power cable *2m

Safety device (standard) No fuse breaker, over pressureover heat and over current protection for compressor, Over temp. protect, over load protect of blower, dry heat protection

Control System Balanced Temperature & Humidity Control System

Refrigeration system Air Cooled (Water Cooled Type is option) Hermetic compressor,Single stage refrigeration system CFC-Free refrigerant(HFC-507/HFC-23)


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