Thermocouple and RTD Calibration - NABL Accredited LAB

NABL accredited or Traceable In-House

Traceable In-house or NABL accredited calibration is available for Base and Noble metal thermocouples and RTD sensors performed within our fully accredited laboratory.

Calibration is usually by comparison, traceable to NABL calibrated primary standards, against SPRTs or Type S reference thermocouples from -80 to +1600ºC. Fixed point calibration also available at -196ºC

Expert in Thermocouple and RTD Calibration:

Heatcon specialized in thermocouple and RTD calibration and we are proud to offer a wide variety of industry sectors with accurate and traceable In-House or NABL (Accredited) calibration. This service is applicable for thermocouples, RTD sensors& cable under the scope of ISO/IEC 17025 & ISO 9001, all within our fully NABL accredited calibration laboratory. With the drive towards higher product quality standards and energy efficiency, end users are demanding more certainty and traceability from the products they purchase.


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