Special Sensors

Sensors are crucial to some of the important aspects of everyday life. These are critical instruments to measure the amount of heat that an object or a system is radiating. Heatcon manufactures a wide range of special sensors in India. The heat sensors can detect a temperature change. Hence, these sensors play an imperative role in preventing overheating problems. Temperature sensing is significant for industries such as aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, petrochemical and automotive, and a host of other industries. Special sensors manufactured by Heatcon serve these diverse industries and offer an accurate reading of the temperature in critical applications. Some of Heatcon’s special sensors include aeronautic sensors, railways, turbine sensors, research, and nuclear.

Best Sensor Manufacturers in India

Heatcon’s sensors for aerospace applications combine advanced manufacturing and temperature sensing, leading to superior, prompt, innovative, and lightweight solutions. Resistance temperature detectors or RTDs are used in this space due to their wide temperature range and consistency. In some applications, thermistors and thermocouples are even used. We manufacture high-quality RTD probes and thermocouples put to use in a wide range of industries. Heat sensors are also used across the world in regional trains, freight trains, metros, and high-speed trains. These sensors determine the temperature of gears, wheelset bearings, and motors. We are one of the largest sensor manufacturers in India. We have our delivery network in almost all Indian cities like Bangalore, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Mumbai etc.

Turbine sensors, as evident from the name, measure temperature in a turbine, right from the exhaust temperature to the bearing temperature at different time points. Since the conditions to which the turbine sensors are exposed are extreme, the sensors need to be of high quality and accurate. Heatcon’s special turbine temperature sensor can be used to measure both outlet and inlet temperature, which is crucial. Heatcon selects the best quality materials to manufacture these sensors so that they can be used in industrial sensors. Our manufacture and production procedures have been certified.

Quality Sensors by Heatcon

Heatcon offers mineral insulated heaters for the special sensors used in the nuclear industry. The heater cables come with extremely high insulation properties and dialectic strength. These provide high temperature to areas where there are space restrictions, and where standard heaters are unable to function given the requirement for high heat. The mineral insulated cable heaters have a moisture-resistant adapter.

We also provide special sensors for research purposes made using advanced technology. These offer great accuracy and are some of the best temperature measurement solutions available in the market right now.

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