Heatcon offers diverse resistance temperature detectors. These include Mineral Insulated RTDs, RTD with Thermowell, slot RTD_Stator RTD and Bearing RTD or BTD. Right from single or dual-element RTDs, we have it all. No matter which kind of RTD you need, Heatcon has got you covered. There are RTDs for specific applications, such as temperature sensor assemblies that need thermowells, connection heads, and transmitters.

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RTD is a resistance temperature detector. It is a type of sensor whose resistance changes with temperature change. With an increase in the temperature of the sensor, the resistance increases. The relation between temperature and resistance is well known. An RTD, however, does not generate any output. It is a kind of passive device. The resistance of the sensor is gauged by the transmission of a less amount of electric current, which creates voltage. Then, the voltage gets measured with the help of an external electrical device. The measuring component of an RTD is made by plating a film or covering a wire on a glass or ceramic core. The element then gets sealed with a glass or ceramic capsule. Heatcon is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of RTD sensors in India.

A large number of RTDs have a low resistance to start with. It is around 100 ohms and undergoes a slight change in resistance per unit temperature range. The lead wire’s resistance is often made up for with three or four-wire bridge configurations. RTDs can function in a range of -200 to 600 °C, provided they have a protective covering and the necessary elements.

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Mineral insulated RTDs are used along with a wire-wound ceramic resistor or a thin film. As the resistors are fragile, these are put in a mineral insulated RTD cable for stability and protection. RTD with thermowells is needed to get an accurate measurement. Moreover, to protect temperature sensors used to monitor industrial processes. A thermowell has one end closed at an end that is mounted in the process stream. The RTD temperature sensor is placed in the open end of the tube, which is outside the vessel. The heat from the process liquid is transferred to the thermowell wall and in turn to the sensor.

We supply range of RTD Temperature Sensors

Slot RTD sensors are used to measure the temperature of generators and electric motors to gauge overheating. The dimensions of the sensor are slim, and therefore it can be fitted into the motor winding. The RTD has a fiber body so that it can stand high voltage.

Bearing RTDs are for places where there is limited space. These are compact in design and used to determine the increase in temperature in thrust bearing plates, motor windings, shafts, and bearings.

We have our manufacturing unit in Bangalore and supply our products across India including Pune, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad etc. We have worked with many industries, business segments across India and overseas. With over 30 years of experience in the field of sensors manufacturing, we are regarded as one of the dependable RTD manufacturers in India.

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