Coil Heaters

Coil heaters are electrical heating elements that are pre-formed and have a metallic sheath. They can either have a rectangular, round or square cross-section. Such heaters are available in different sizes and shapes. There are different heater configurations when it comes to coil heaters. These configurations include spiral wounds, straight, close coiled, and star-wound cables. Heatcon offers a wide variety of coil heaters in India and abroad.

Spiral wound heaters are low-key heaters that are most commonly used to create high temperatures in restricted areas.

Straight cable heaters usually pass through or are encircled around equipment. They can work with OEM applications.

Star wound cables are put into ducts or pipes to make a rough flow of fluid or air so that it leads to the transfer of heat.

Close coiled heaters ensure that there is an optimal distribution of heat. These may have distributed wattage so that the heat transfer can be concentrated in specific areas.

Coil heaters are made of a layered heating element. The heat is produced by resistance wire elements like nickel-chromium alloy. To prevent a fault, this element is electrically-insulated. Heatcon offers some of the best quality coil heaters used for diverse purposes. We are one of the very experienced manufacturers and suppliers of coil heaters in India.

The coil heaters coil heaters have maximum surface load and come with an IP rating for humidity-resistant coil heaters.


  • Heating of manifolds
  • Heating of nozzles
  • Heating of sealed heads in packing
  • Standard Dimensions:-


    Connection options:-

    *PTFE insulated leads
    *Glass-silk NI leads
    *Ground wire
    Sheath:-SS &Nickel

    Exit Options:-

    *In the mid

    General Options:-

    *Reflection tube
    *Casted in brass

    Clamping Options:-

    *Tangential screw clamping band
    *Axial screw clamping band

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