With over 30 years of expertise in temperature sensor and heater manufacturing, we offer high level of quality, accuracy and an unbeatable commitment to customer support.​

We are a word-class company with a wealth of experience amongst our employees and are dedicated to on-going training in all aspects of the business so that we can continue to provide an excellent level of service and product support to all customers

Renowned Heater Manufacturers in India

Heatcon is a leading manufacturer and supplier of thermocouples, RTDs, special sensors, heaters, heating equipment, accessories, and tubes. Our experience and expertise in heater manufacturing and temperature sensor spans over three decades. Over the years, we have been offering our products to customers with trust and full commitment.

Industrial Heaters

We look to ensure that our products match customer expectations and strive to achieve a superior level of accuracy and quality. We serve diverse industries like textile, chemical, industrial, refining, petrochemical, and others. We have a strict quality control program in place to ensure that we never compromise on this aspect.


These are sensors used to measure temperature and comprise two dissimilar metals joined at one end. It is a simple yet effective device to measure temperature and is used widely across industries and various temperature measurement processes. These come in diverse types - thermocouples probes with connectors, transition joint thermocouple probes, regular thermocouple probes, bare wire thermocouples, and infrared thermocouples.


RTDs or resistance temperature detectors are also known as resistance thermometers. It works on the principle that temperature causes a change in the resistance of the metal. With the rise in temperature of the metal, its resistance to electricity flow increases. RTDs come fitted in computers, power electronics, food handling and processing, medical electronics, industrial electronics, consumer electronics, military, and aerospace fields.

Special Sensors

Special sensors get applied in diverse fields such as aeronautical and airborne sensors, turbine sensors, research, nuclear field, and railways. These are highly specialized sensors meant for specific use.

Heaters and Heating Equipment

We offer a wide range of heaters used in a variety of processes. Heaters are used when there is a specific need for increasing the temperature of an object. Some of our products in heaters segment include cartridge heaters, ceramic, band, bobbin, high density cartridge heaters, chemical immersion, coil, bolt, tubular, duct, air heaters and many more. With over three decades of experience in the industry, we are one of the largest heaters manufacturers and suppliers in India.

Heating equipment includes boilers, furnaces, electric resistance equipment, and heat pumps. Some other varieties of heating equipment include the following : high-temperature furnaces, hot air blowers, industrial ovens, induction heaters and furnaces, industrial furnaces, temperature and humidity chambers.

Heatcon is one of the noted manufacturers and suppliers of this diverse equipment in India. We have delivery and supply networks in various cities of the country including major cities Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Coimbatore etc. Over the years, we have sought to establish an extensive presence in different parts of the country. Our products are also shipped overseas. We hope to continue serving our diverse customers base in the most efficient manner going forward.

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