Tubular Heaters

Tubular heaters are used in different industries for diverse heating applications since these can be customized into any shape or size depending upon the requirements. That makes them ideal for use in any environment that requires consistent and cost-effective heating solutions.

The operation of tubular heaters depends on three aspects of heating. These include conduction, convection, or radiation. Notwithstanding the construction, which depends on size, sheath, density, and shape, a tubular heater generates heat in a confined area. The heat is transferred to the material through a suitable liquid or a forced-air system.

Application of Tubular Heaters

Tubular heaters that are copper sheathed are widespread in different industries such as residential construction to retail food where there is a need for heating grease, water, and oil. The stainless-steel tubular heaters are put to use in industrial applications that require the use of bases and strong acids. For the harsher environments, titanium sheaths are used.

Over the years, Heatcon has been making one of the most versatile and cost-effective tubular heaters used in a wide variety of applications. These are extremely popular among industrial customers as they have diverse termination and mounting options available. We are one of the largest tubular heater manufacturers in India.

Heatcon the versatile and economical tubular heating element lends itself to virtually the entire range of below applications:-

  • Air heating
  • Gas heating
  • Liquid/chemical heating
  • Element wire material: Nichrome,Kanthal

    Surface wattage:41 - 47 W/In²

    Heater tube sizes: Ø 8,11,14 mm

    GRADE of PROTECTION for enclosure:- IP 55,IP 65,IP 67,ATEX,CCOE,FLAMEPROOF

    TYPE OF TERMINATION:-Threaded,cable

    CONNECTORS:-Industrial sockets or special connectors from amphenol connectors on request


    Tubular heating elements have a variety of mounting and termination options making them highly popular among industrial customers.


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