Industrial Furnaces

The basic function of an industrial furnace is to heat and treat materials for annealing, carburizing, tempering, or pre-treatment. Though metals are treated with industrial furnaces. Glass and even ceramics are also put through the same process. No matter what material, industrial furnaces heat the same at an extremely high temperature with different fuels and processes. Heatcon offers superior quality industrial furnaces in India.

Industrial furnaces perform a diverse range of activities that take place in an industrial unit. Manufacturers have developed different products to meet the demand in this category. Some of the types of industrial furnaces include calcination furnaces, ashing furnaces, annealing furnaces, tempering furnaces, tensile testing furnaces, sintering furnaces, and rotary tube furnaces. Heaton is a popular industrial furnace manufacturers in India.

Industrial furnaces have different designs and configurations. While some are small and equipped with swing-open doors, others are bigger. In the metallurgy units, the industrial furnaces come with conveyor systems. Hence, these units can carry a huge volume of materials put inside for treatment. These industrial furnaces are automated and used as part of the extraction process of smelting or metallurgy. Heatcon builds some of the best quality industrial furnaces.

Heatcon High Temperature Furnace Up to 1200℃,furnace is divided into two types: medium temperature (Ambient- 950℃) and high temperature (Ambient-1200℃)


  • High chromium & high manganese steel castings
  • Cast iron parts
  • Quenching
  • Annealing
  • Ageing and heat treatment of mechanical parts.
  • Research institutes and Labs
  • Specifications:-

  • Fiber ceramic lining, high thermal efficiency, low heat loss and long lifetime.
  • The four-side heating device achieves excellent temperature uniformity.
  • Build a horizontal silicon carbide plate/high temperature cast steel plate for the trolley.
  • Intelligent program temperature controller, which is available to edit and save the multi-segment program.

  • Air Circulation Furnaces
  • Furnaces with Radiation Heating up to 1400 °C
  • Pit-Type and Top-Loading Furnaces with or without Air Circulation, Electrically Heated or Gas-Fired
  • Continuous Furnaces, Electrically Heated
  • Laboratory Furnaces
  • Tube Furnaces
  • Bogie Hearth Furnace
  • Pit-type Furnace
  • Bottom loading furnace
  • Crucible furnace
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