Hand Held Temperature Indicators


This is a compact programmable temperature indicator which can be carried anywhere for measuring temperature ranging from -180°C to +1700°C. This instrument has LCD display for temperature indication. Built in 9V battery and low indication.

Range :-200 to +200°C, 0-400°C,0-1200°C,0-1700°C

Display :4½ digit LCD-Alpha Numeric

Type : K,R,S,T,N,J,pt-100

Power Supply : 9V,Rechargeable Battery

Charging Socket : Built in

Sensor : Leaf probe,Air probe, Immersion probe

Probe length :150, 300,450,1000mm

This model is suitable for measuring temperature in molten metals, Ovens, Furnaces, Liquids; Surface temperature etc. These instruments can be supplied as master with NML Calibrations certificate.


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