Duct Heater With Flame Proof Enclosures

As is evident from its name, duct heaters are used for installation in ducts. These are usually installed along the sidewall to heat the air in the duct, as it passes through it. Duct heaters can be installed in rectangular duct heaters that are common in custom-built units. In some applications, round duct heaters are also used. The flow rates in the duct heaters are determined based on the area of the duct, and the velocity of air.

The configuration of duct heaters is in stages, with each being a separate circuit. The stages can be powered in a way that they generate different degrees of heat. To lower the amp load, each stage may be wired independently of the other. It enables the use of smaller gauge cables.

Duct Heater Manufacturers in India

The duct heaters manufactured by Heatcon can be installed on the duct with a flange that enables easy installation. There is a thermostat built within. It minimizes heating. Duct heaters are used for a wide range of purposes that include air conditioning, air heating, walk-in chambers or ovens, food processing, and load banks. Heatcon offers duct heaters that are manufactured using the best practices and after meeting the industry standards.

Heatcon Duct heaters can be easily mounted on to the duct with flange, which allows easy installation.
There is an inbuilt thermostat which prevents over heating and insulation to avoid heat loss
theversatile and economical tubular heating element lends itself to virtually the entire range of below applications:-

  • Air heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Load banks
  • Food processing
  • Ovens/Walk in chambers
  • Element wire material: Nichrome,

    Surface wattage:41 - 47 W/In²

    Heater tube sizes: Ø 8,11,14 mm

    GRADE of PROTECTION for enclosure:-STD fabricated or FLAMEPROOF (on request)

    TYPE OF TERMINATION:-Threaded,cable

    CONNECTORS:-Industrial sockets or special connectors from amphenol connectors on request

    SHEATHS:-SS 304,SS 316,SS 310,,INCONEL 800


    HEATER MOUNTING:Thread mounted on flange plate



    VOLTAGE:120,230,415 V


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