Bobbin Heaters

Bobbin heaters are used for a variety of purposes. It is made by using several refractory ceramic blocks that are combined and adjusted to the required length. The ceramic blocks are then filled with the heating element, and one of the terminal ends is then closed. A pre-assembled special protection tube is then fitted with a bobbin assembly when the latter is used in a gas or a liquid immersion. Bobbin heaters are also used directly in air-heating applications minus the protection tube.

There are several features of bobbin heaters. It offers a relatively bigger area for heating liquids such as wax, bitumen, oil and fats, and other semi-solid materials. It is available in a wide range of voltages, power, and lengths made to fulfill specific customer requirements. It is appropriate for the heating of liquids and gases. The liquids are poured into a protection tube in the process tank. It can be replaced or repaired in the process tank without draining it. Heatcon is a well-known bobbin heater manufacturer and supplier in India.

There are several benefits of using bobbin heaters. These low-cost installations are also easy to use. There is not much repair and maintenance work involved. Heatcon offers bobbin heaters that combine the flexibility of use with affordability.

Bobbin type heaters are used with an external pipes usually for oil and gas heating, the main advantage is easy replacement and very efficient.
The heating element is supported by the refractory bobbins.
Bobbin heaters are also supplied with protection tubes.

Element wire material: Nichrome

Heater sizes: Ø 25,30,35,42 mm




VOLATGE:120,230,415 V


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